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How are you?I am fine, thanks.What do you do?I am a student.What is your favorite snacks?Ice cream.

1.What gets larger,the more you take away?什么东西你拿走越多,反而越大? 2.What goes on four legs in the morning,on two at noon,and on three in the evening?什么走路开始用四条腿,后来用两条腿,最后用三条腿? 3.What do we get if we

1. Yes , I often call my parents . Because I lives in another city , it's very far from my hometown . I do this that my parents and I don't need to fear about each other. On the phone, we just talk ab

1 Ronald Beckham 2 Stephen Hawking He is disabled,but he has a great thinking.3 insist work hard4 NO,I want to live like a ordinary ,not to be interruptted by others.

who用于对主语进行提问,when用于对时间(范围较大的时间,不包括时间点)进行提问, where用于对地点进行提问, how一般用于对方式进行提问, whose用于对名词所有格提问,whom用于对宾语(人)进行提问, how long(多久,对时间段提问) ,how ofen( 多久一次,对频率提问), how soon(对将

Last month the manager of a jewelry shop ( 珠宝店) received a letter. As he was very busy then, the letter lay on his desk till tea-time. He opened it and a 10-pound note(票 ) fell out onto the desk. Within the note was a letter which said: Dear sir

问题补充:第2个B的回答是2个空 A.Excuse me.can you tell me the way to___ the dus station? B.Yes.walk_along_this road,take the first turning_to___the left.then walk

一、其实所有格用的比较活.1. 表示人或有生命的东西的名词所有格的构成.(1) 在单数名词后加-'s构成.例如:my brother's bike(2) 在不以字母s结尾的复数名词后加-'s.例如:the Children's Palace(3) 在以s结尾的名词后加-'.例如:the

询问星期时,应说:What day is(it)today? 回答一般用it.e.g.What day is(it) today? It's Wednesday. 或Today is Wednesday. 询问日期时,应说:What is the date today?回答必须用it.e.g. What's the date t

1 A to B A翻译成B2 A TO B A改正成B3 Sb to do sth give sb an advice4 help to do can not help doing sth5 each of us 6


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